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Lumen Christi Parish Sacramental Programme 2022

[ pdf Download Sacramental Programme Letter 2022 (272 KB) ]

Dear Parents and Caregivers

You and your child are very welcome to our Sacramental Programme for 2022, a year in which we begin our new community life together as Lumen Christi Parish. We acknowledge parents as the first educators in the Catholic Faith of their children and we support you in your child’s preparation for Confirmation, Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

Each year we conduct an evaluation of our Sacramental Programme. As a result of this review, we would like to inform you of the structure of the 2022 Sacramental Programme.

To enrol your child in our Sacramental Programme you, as parents and caregivers, are required to attend a meeting which will be led by the Parish Administrator, Fr Bernard Gordon. The meeting is both to inform you of a deeper understanding of the Sacraments your child will receive and be a time of prayer to ask God to bless your families.

During the meeting you will be provided with instructions regarding the new online enrolment process. The online enrolment process requires you to upload an electronic copy of your child’s Baptism certificate. The enrolment process will only be completed when the Baptism certificate is attached. If you do not have a copy of your child’s Baptism certificate, please contact the Parish where they were Baptised to obtain a copy.

To ensure careful preparation for the Sacraments attendance by the child and an accompanying parent or caregiver at all sessions is required

The sessions for each sacrament will be held in St John Vianney Co-Cathedral commencing at 6.30 pm.


Term 2, 2022

Session Parent/Caregiver Meeting 6/7 April SJV 6:30 pm 

 Session  1  4/5 May  SJV  6:30 pm  
 Session  2  11/12 May  SJV  6:30 pm  
 Session  3  18/19 May  SJV  6:30 pm  
 Session  4  25/26 May  SJV  6:30 pm  

The Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated on Friday June 3 and Saturday June 4, 2022. Further information will be provided at the April meeting.



Term 3, 2022

Session Parent/Caregiver Meeting 29/30 June SJV 6:30 pm

 Session  1  20/21 July  SJV  6:30 pm  
 Session  2  27/28 July  SJV  6:30 pm  
First Holy Communion

Term 3, 2022 

 Session  1  3/4 August  SJV  6:30 pm  
 Session  2  10/11 August  SJV  6:30 pm  
 Session  3  17/18 August  SJV  6:30 pm  
 Session  4  24/25 August  SJV  6:30 pm  

First Reconciliation will be available after each First Holy Communion session.

First Holy Communion Dates are Saturday 27, August & 3, September 2022. Further information will be provided at the June meeting.

There are costs associated with our Sacramental programmes, such as wages, necessary items for Sacred Liturgy, maintenance of church buildings, and cleaning of the church. Therefore, we ask that you contribute the following so that we can continue the Programmes for the children and families of our parish into the future:

Confirmation: $40
Reconciliation and Eucharist: $60


I look forward to meeting you during our 2022 Sacramental Programme which, I pray, will bring the blessings of peace and joy to your children and your families.

Fr Bernard Gordon, VG, Adm

[ pdf Download Sacramental Programme Letter 2022 (272 KB) ]